Brand Story

Nagirc™ Agriculture Technology Limited was founded in 2006,the first 'N' means 'NEW', We are committed to creating new agricultural in the future.

The logo design is inspired by the fairy tale "Jack and beanstalk". We trust our fertilizer can help the crop grow healthy and fast.

Manacote™ is our sub-brand which offer controlled release fertilizer with a patented polymer coating that ensures a stable release of nutrients over a predictable period of time.

Our Vision

     As a leading fertilizer technology company from China, Nagric is committed to the development of new fertilizer products which combining accumulated experiments to verify the reliability and environmental friendliness of our products.We want to make this business a centennial enterprise.

Manufacturer & B2B

Nagirc has a core manufacturer and a polymer coating plant, which not only ensures the quality stability of Manacote™ products, but also provides a broad B2B business support, as of May 2020, more than 31 fertilizer brands have commissioned Nagric to provide controlled release fertilizer OEMs.

Front door

nagirc started from 2005

Product Workshop

Our polymer coating is come from here



Core machine

the CRFs are come from here

Top international soil research institutions

Professional Research Team

Developed formulations
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 172
Test Fields
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 762
Customer satisfaction
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 92%

Professional soil research team

We have a team of soil formulation researchers with a background in university research institutes, making our formulations more accurate and reliable.

Specialized Custom Formulation

We can formulate precise controlled release fertilizers according to customer's formulation or crop requirements.

Hundreds of experimental fields

We have validated hundreds of formulations based on different experimental fields, proving that our fertilizers are reliable and effective.

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